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A List Of Kelowna’s Best Dog Friendly Activities & Adventures

Kelowna is known as a haven for dogs and for good reason. With an abundance of off-leash dog parks, combined with a ton of trails and hikes that your dog will enjoy. With so many options, how is an owner to decide what adventure to take with your pet next? We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of dog friendly activities and adventures. In addition to our own personal experiences, we consulted local reviewers, Tourism Kelowna, local guides and more to determine the top activities that your dog is sure to love!


Have you ever asked yourself, “where can I go hiking with my dog?” Well this list was created for you!

Angel Springs

A gem amongst Kelowna hikers, your dog will love it. The hike is considered mild and takes pups through a variety of forestry and a running creek. Local groups do a good job of maintaining the trail (even in the winter) to ensure a clean path for you and your pet.

Dog owners will appreciate the interpretive signs with facts about the local ecology and geology.

Get directions by clicking HERE

Bear Creek

The hike has three well-marked loops that all begin at the common trail head. The routes range from a 15-minute loop trail to the 1.4 km Mid Canyon Trail and the longest is the Canyon Rim Trail at 2.5 km (Tourism Kelowna).

You and your pup will witness a great view. You get to see everything, from the highest peaks to down by the creek. Just try not to lose your footing while jumping from rock to rock. The water quickly gains speed. Oh, and bring water. You WILL get thirsty. Reviewers suggest going first left into the forest to begin for beginners, because it gets the steep incline out of the way before fatigue starts to set in.

Crawford Falls/Canyon Falls Park

A difficult trail, you’ll want to make sure your dog is up to the challenge before undertaking this hike. For those strong hikers and their pups, result is well worth the trek! Your pup is sure to love the waterfalls. Be sure to keep an eye out for steep inclines and pack lots of water.

Tourism Kelowna provides the following directions

Look for the trail head and a small pathway that leads to Crawford Falls. To get to the lower falls takes about 20 minutes but is quite difficult. Once there, you will see 20 foot falls. If you continue about 10 more minutes you will see the larger falls (40 feet).

Crawford Falls is located on Bellevue Creek. It can be reached by the following: Gordon Drive to Dehart Road; Dehart Road to Crawford Road; Crawford road to Westridge Drive. Turn on to Canyon Ridge Crescent and finally to Canyon Falls Court, which is a dead end. You will see a Kelowna City Parks trail that you can follow to beautiful waterfalls.

Dilworth Mountain

Dilworth mountain can be seen from almost any location in Kelowna and offers some of the best views of the city (Tourism Kelowna).

From various points along the natural trail, you can see central or downtown Kelowna, the Kelowna Golf and Country Club directly below, and of course Okanagan Lake and mountains in the distance. Plus there’s a small playground for the kids. Explore the trails and see if you can spot Kelowna’s official flower the Arrowleaf Balsamroot along the way (Kelowna.ca). Dog owners who have reviewed the hike praise its proximity to the city and its ability to allow them to squeeze in a quick 40 minute workout with great views.

Fintry Provincial Park

Your dog is sure to test its endurance with the seemingly never-ending stairs at Fintry Provincial Park. Shorts Creek Gorge is a maintained trail that leads you through a gorge up about 400 stairs to a beautiful series of waterfalls (Tourism Kelowna).

Note: Pets/domestic animals must always be on a leash and are not allowed in beach areas (except for the designated pet beach) or park buildings. You are responsible for their behaviour and must dispose of their excrement. Backcountry areas are not suitable for dogs or other pets due to wildlife issues and the potential for problems with bears (BC Parks).

Kalamoir Park

Kalamoir Park is known to be a great hike full of ups and downs, along with great views and a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Reviewers rave about: there being a swimming beach as well as a dog beach and a canoe/kayak launch. The facilities are always clean, and the park well maintained. In the spring there are hundreds of flowers blooming along the mountainside making it a must visit!

Knox Mountain

Knox is popular amongst locals due to its flexibility and pet friendly trails. With hikes ranging from easy to difficult and 1-5km in length, there really is a hike no matter the size of your pet.

Apex Trail @ Knox Mountain

Moderate to Difficult; 1 – 5 km

Dogs allowed on leash

Parking is at the bottom of the mountain, at mid point (crown lookout), and at the top. Most trails are accessible from the entrance on Ellis Street. Many of these trails have a steep incline. When you reach the top you will get some amazing views of the City and the valley.

Paul’s Tomb @ Knox Mountain

Easy to Moderate; 3 km (round trip)

Dogs allowed on leash

Paul’s Tomb is a beautiful hike with very little incline and gives you some extraordinary views of the lake. Paul was an Okanagan Pioneer who owned the land at Paul’s Tomb, this is a great area to have a picnic.


Take Ellis Street north all the way to the end to reach the park entrance. Parking is at the bottom of the mountain, at mid point (crown lookout), and at the top. Most trails are accessible from the entrance on Ellis Street. Many of these trails have a steep incline. When you reach the top you will get some amazing views of the City and the valley (Tourism Kelowna)

Kuiper’s Peak Mountain Park

In search of a quick hike for your dog that will provide spectacular views of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake? Then Kuiper’s Peak Mountain Park is the right choice for you. In addition to the exercise your dog will likely meet some new deer friends! Be sure to bundle up as it can get quite windy at times.

Mill Creek Regional Park

A beautiful cool and quiet trail system follows Mill Creek into the falls. Hikers and their dogs will enjoy the park on their daily walk and the ability to enjoy a picnic in the shade of the Black Cottonwood trees by the creek. Most of the trail is very flat and easy, parts are a little rougher with roots and rocky sections. Naturalists can enjoy the wildlife found searching for food and water or hiding in the underbrush (Tourism Kelowna).

Reviewers love that this spot is a hidden gem for their dog that provides an awesome waterfall finish. An excellent place to capture dog photos!

Mission Creek Greenway

The Greenway is perfect for cycling, jogging, running and walking. There are two phases of the trail. The first phase is the most used portion of the trail. While the second phase is great, there are portions of it that are not accessible by bike due to stairs, towards the end of the trail (Tourism Kelowna).

Considered a hidden treasure in the city that is a must-visit for dog owners seeking a leisurely stroll.

Mount Boucherie

Mount Boucherie in West Kelowna offers stunning 360-degree views of the Central Okanagan Valley that you can enjoy with your canine friends, and the drive is only about 15 minutes from downtown.

Don’t forget to bring your camera. There are several areas where you can take a break and enjoy the view, including at the halfway point. Bringing water is also a good idea for you and your furry friends, and there is a dog water dish at the summit for the public to use. (Tourism Kelowna).

Myra Canyon Trestles – Kettle Valley Railway

This highly scenic portion of the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) runs along a steep-walled canyon. Originally built by hand at the turn of the last century, this impressive landmark is highlighted by 2 tunnels and 18 trestle bridges that are too spectacular for words. You can hike it, or bike it (Tourism Kelowna).

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park

The Crawford Trails area of Myra-Bellevue Park has over 100 km of trails and is a popular destination for hikers, runners, horse riders and mountain bikers (Tourism Kelowna).

Stephens Coyote Ridge Regional Park

There are several hiking trails and vast wetlands within the park. It is largely untouched by weeds and is pristine habitat for wildlife, including coyotes, as the name suggest, so do use caution (Tourism Kelowna).

Spion Kop Hiking Trails

The trail to the peak of the Spion Kop mountain is a moderate to difficult incline. If you are up for the challenge, follow a pathway through ponderosa pine and bunch grass to spectacular & unique views of the Okanagan Valley (Tourism Kelowna).

Shannon Lake Regional Park

The park is great for a leisurely stroll or an evening walk. The lake is great habitat for waterbirds and turtles that are frequently seen in the park (Tourism Kelowna).

Scenic Canyon Regional Park

Access to Scenic Canyon Regional Park is through Mission Creek Greenway, the fastest way to get to Scenic Canyon would be the Greenway access at Field Road. This park has many great features, including geological formations, cultural sites and rock ovens used by Chinese Labourers (Tourism Kelowna).

Rose Valley Regional Park

Great hiking with excellent locations for naturalist activities such as bird watching. Good viewpoints are at the pond or on the grassland plateau (Tourism Kelowna).

Waterfront Boardwalk

The waterfront area is a beautiful location to go for a short walk and enjoy the scenery of Okanagan Lake. The trail connects to the Rotary Marshes wildlife park where it is not uncommon to see a heron, beavers, or eagles flying over (Tourism Kelowna).

Dog Friendly Wineries

Ancient Hill Estate Winery

This dog friendly boutique winery is in the beautiful, rural, Ellison area of North Kelowna. Located directly across from the Kelowna Airport, on land originally planted to grapes more than 60 years ago.

They specialize in small lots of tasty wines. The wines are made entirely from grapes grown in our own vineyard and processed on-site in our European style winery.

Old-world charm. Travel along the scenic backroads of farmland and horse ranches to arrive at this new and enchanting European-style winery. Once here, you’ll be welcomed into a nouveau-rustic tasting room where wood is king and the wine noble – made entirely from grapes grown on the estate’s vineyard (Tourism Kelowna).

Arrowleaf Cellars

Arrowleaf Cellars is a boutique winery owned and operated by the Zuppigers, a Swiss-Canadian family. In the late nineties, with two decades of farming experience in both fruit growing and dairy operations, the Zuppigers made a career shift. In 1997 they moved to Suncrest Vineyard with the goal of starting a land-based winery. Winemaker Manuel Zuppiger completed his studies in Switzerland and returned with a keen interest to make quality wines in the fledgling Okanagan wine region.

Picnic Paradise. Nestled on a hillside with vineyards sloping down to the lake, family-owned Arrowleaf Cellars crafts award-winning wines from this grape-laden landscape. After your tasting, enjoy the great view while sharing your picnic lunch with friends or family and a glass of your favourite Arrowleaf wine. Does it get any better (Tourism Kelowna)?

Beaumont Family Estate Winery

This family estate winery has been growing 100% certified organic grapes since 1995. We now have releases of subtle finesse and balanced wines. Ingenuity, innovation, and modern winemaking techniques, along with flavourful grapes, mean a bright future for this new and exciting farm-gate winery. Come and enjoy the views, taste some delicious wines, hear the music and savour the experience of Beaumont (Tourism Kelowna)!

CedarCreek Estate Winery

Nestled amongst lush vineyards and panoramic lake views, CedarCreek Estate Winery is one of Kelowna’s oldest wineries. Purchased in 1986, CedarCreek released its first wines in 1987 and was one of the first eight pioneering wineries of BC. With four generations of agricultural heritage and more than three decades of experience, we have pursued perfection and produced some of the Okanagan valley’s best wines resulting in CedarCreek being twice recognized as “Canada’s Winery of the Year”. Today, we look proudly towards the future to further promote our region.

Gray Monk Estate Winery

Perched above Okanagan Lake with stunning panoramic views of mountains, vineyards and the lake, Gray Monk Estate Winery offers guests a true taste, or sip, of the Okanagan lifestyle. With a bustling wine boutique, a full service banquet facility and a world-class restaurant, the winery is equipped to host guests for all occasions (Tourism Kelowna).

House of Rose Winery

Feels just like home – Enjoy a true farm gate wine tasting experience in the rustic charm of an authentic grape picker’s cabin. Feel free to wander the beautiful orchards and vineyards or relax at the picnic area while sharing wine and cheese. Children are welcome as well – they’ll feel right at home (Tourism Kelowna).

Intrigue Wines

Some people like to know where the wine comes from. Others like to know who made it or how it will change with time. The foodies want to know what flavours they will find in their glass and how it will pair with a certain dish.

We’re all intrigued about wine. It’s constantly changing and evolving. That is part of the excitement and allure of winemaking (Tourism Kelowna).

You’ll love the wine and your dog will enjoy the pet friendly atmosphere!

Kalala Organic Estate Winery

Small winery – big awards. The Okanagan’s newest organic winery exhibits great taste. Hand-picked grapes and handcrafted wines have taken Kalala very quickly into the international winner’s circle. Their first-ever vintage of Chardonnay icewine was awarded gold at the prestigious 2010 Chardonnay du Monde competition in France (Tourism Kelowna).

Quails’ Gate Winery

Spoil your senses. Make sure to visit one of Canada’s culinary gems – Quails’ Gate Winery and Old Vines Restaurant. It is the meeting place for fresh, local ingredients, paired with the fruit-forward wines of Quails’ Gate. Enjoy the spectacular vineyard views while savouring flavours of the Okanagan (Tourism Kelowna).

Rollingdale Winery

Rollingdale Winery is a small farm gate winery located in Lakeview Heights, in West Kelowna. 100% family owned and operated. The focus is on producing fine wines using only premium grapes made from the most conscientiously cultivated vines they can find.

The wine shop is open every day. The picnic area is now open where you can bring a lunch and enjoy wine by the glass. Bookings are recommended for larger groups.

SpearHead Winery

SpierHead Winery and Vineyard is situated along Spiers Road on the benchlands of south east Kelowna, one of the newest wine regions in the Okanagan Valley and part of the East Kelowna Fab Five Wine Trail (Tourism Kelowna).

St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery

Stroll through the vineyard. Try identifying varieties as you wander the lakeview vineyard. Originally planted in 1928, sections of the vineyard, along with the winery, burned to the ground in a 2003 wildfire. But dedicated owners Andy and Leo replanted and rebuilt. Come enjoy the winery’s relaxed hospitality and terroir-influenced wines (Tourism Kelowna).

Tantalus Vineyards

Spectacular lake views, an historic old vineyard and our new state-of-the-art LEED Certified winery make visiting Tantalus a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy premium quality, single-vineyard wines in a stunning gallery-style tasting room, surrounded by works of art from some of Canada’s most highly acclaimed artists (Tourism Kelowna).

the hatch

‘the hatch’ is a tasting emporium, an emporium the likes not seen before here in The Okanagan. But on a meta-level, ‘the hatch’ is the culmination of dreams had by a group of eccentric grapeophiles who have lived and learned the way of the vine for countless years.

That answers the ‘what’, but also asked is the ‘why’. Why ‘the hatch’? Because the time is long overdue for something like this to enter your life, and more-so; to make your life that much better. Now it’s time to shut-up and go drink some wine (Tourism Kelowna).

The View Winery

Set in a vintage 1922 apple packing house, The View Winery offers an authentic Okanagan experience. Featuring aromatic fresh, crisp whites, fruit-forward, spicy reds and handcrafted apple ciders. Nestled amid rolling orchards and vines, minutes from downtown Kelowna. Look for the Red Shoe (Tourism Kelowna)!

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

60 million years to perfect. The beauty of being situated at the foot of a once active volcano lies in the dirt – pure gold for growing grapes. This new winery is already winning medals for wines that are erupting with flavour! When visiting the spacious wine shop, sign the List of Events so you don’t miss their new releases, promotions and events (Tourism Kelowna).

Dog Friendly Places To Eat In Kelowna

Looking to grab a quick bite to eat in downtown Kelowna but don’t want to leave your furry best friend at home? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of well-known food options that allow dogs. Some of our favourites include:

Parks by area in Kelowna


Before we deep dive into the off-leash dog parks available to pups and their owners it is crucial that all owners understand the rules and responsibilities outlined by the City of Kelowna.

Rules and responsibilities

  • Owners/handlers must pick-up after their dog(s). If they poop, you must scoop!
  • Leashes must not be longer than two m (six ft.).
  • Handlers must have possession of the dog leash at all times.
  • Maximum of two dogs per handler.
  • Handlers are responsible for any injuries caused by the dog(s) under their control.
  • Handlers must ensure their dogs don’t bother other park users.
  • Dogs on leash must stay at least 10 m. (30 ft.) away from playgrounds.

Off-leash dog park specific:

  • Owners/handlers must pick-up after their dogs. If they poop, you must scoop!
  • Users of the facility do so at their own risk. The City shall not be liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog in the off-leash area.
  • The off-leash dog area is for dogs, their handlers and those accompanying them. No other use is allowed.
  • Dogs must be under control of their handler and in view of their handler at all times.
  • Dogs must be removed from the off-leash dog area at the first sign of aggression.
  • All dogs must be legally licensed and shall wear a visible dog license.
  • All dogs should be currently vaccinated.
  • No animals other than dogs shall be permitted in the area.
  • No dogs under four months of age.
  • No female dogs in heat.
  • Handlers must be 15 years of age or older.
  • Children age 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the off-leash dog area.
  • Dogs must be on a leash when entering and exiting the off-leash dog area.

– Cedar Creek Park @ 5200 Lakeshore Rd

Located on Lakeshore Road, near one of Kelowna’s long and narrow pebble beaches this dog friendly area provides owners with a nice walk on the trail along the lake. Well maintained, dogs will love playing fetch and going for a swim!

Get directions by clicking HERE

– Duggan Park @ 1494 Bernard Ave

Centrally located on Bernard Avenue, this on-leash and off-leash park provides downtown residents a wide-open space for your furry best friend to get its exercise in for the day. With a playground also on location it’s a great option for those with young children.

Get directions by clicking HERE

– Ellison Dog Park @ 4720 Old Vernon Rd

A huge area (7.02 ha) located just off of the 97 highway near the airport, Ellison Dog Park includes trails that your dog will love! Great for dog owners that don’t quite have the time to undertake a full hike. There are lots of little trails and a separate play area. The park is typically quiet making for a nice evening stroll.

Get directions by clicking HERE

– Enterprise Park @ 2500 Enterprise Way

Located between the BMW dealership and Shaw Cable around Enterprise, Leckie and Hunter court. A small (0.45 ha) enclosure with a place for your dog to swim and get a drink on that hot summer day. The terrain is completely flat. Mill creek is nearby and there are some trails and bridges in the area to do some exploring (on-leash only). Local reviewers have mentioned that there is potential for your dog to get bad burrs if they stray near the creek.

Get directions by clicking HERE

– Knox Mountain Park @ 450 Knox Mountain Dr

(Likely) Kelowna’s most well-known trail. It provides dogs and their owners with great flexibility due to its numerous trails ranging in difficulty. Along the way you’ll find lots of grassy areas with tall trees to cool off in the shade and tons of opportunities for photographs. For those owners only interested in spectacular city views can drive with their dog all the way to the top.

For more information on Knox Mountain Park, visit their official website.

Get directions by clicking HERE

– Mission Recreation Park @ 4105 Gordon Dr

A long trail that connects to others, a great sport for your dog to meet other animals including ducks, otters, horses and eagles. If you walk by during the summer, your dog might just be able to snag a homerun ball that clears the fence at the nearby softball diamonds.

Get directions by clicking HERE

– North Glenmore Dog Park @ 2150 Glenmore Rd N

This dog park comes pawsitively reviewed by its frequenters. It is beloved for its open, spacious landscape and water fountain great for combating the hot summers in the Okanagan.

Get directions by clicking HERE


Black Mountain: 

– Bella Vista Park @ 2342 Loseth Rd
– Birkdale Park @ 363 Prestwick St
– Gallagher Community Park @ 1755 Gallagher Rd
– Gopher Creek Linear Park @ 1723 Lynrick Rd
– Lund Park @ 1250 Lund Rd
– Stockley Open Space @ 1035 Stockley St


– Anchor Park @ 1691 Ellis St
– Cameron Park @ 2345 Richter St

A favorite park amongst locals. Clean, open space make it a go-to place for those with dogs and children. The trees make for useful shade on those hot summer days.

– City Hall @ 1435 Water St
– City Park @ 1600 Abbott St

Highly reviewed and popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Your dog will run into a ton of friends here along your lakefront walk. The pathway is well-maintained, accessible by bike and a large lawn if you wish to sit down and have a peaceful picnic. Let your pup cool off with a swim in the lake on those hot summer days.

– Davie Park @ 300 Davie Rd
A beautiful park adorned with trees, annual and perennial flowers. On hot summer days you can find a perfect combination of areas for sun exposure and shade under the deciduous and evergreen trees. Want to bring the kids? There is a playground for children and benches for you to sit back, observe, and relax.
– Duggan Park @ 1494 Bernard Ave

With a great dog park section for little dogs, this is a popular spot for those living downtown. The community playground provides plenty of opportunity for your doggo to be interested to tons of young children.

– Enterprise Way Park @ 2500 Enterprise Way
– Kerry Park @ 1480 Mill St
– Knowles Park @ 865 Bernard Ave
– Knox Mountain Park @ 540 Broadway Ave
– Leckie Place @ 2135 Leckie Pl (Brents Mill Site)
– Millbridge Park @ 1999 Bowes St
– Pacific Court Park @ 1955 Pacific Crt
– Parkinson Recreation Park @ 1800 Parkinson Way
– Stuart Park @ 1420 Water St
– Sunset Drive Park @ 1055 Sunset Dr
– Sutherland Park @ 700 Ellis St
– Waterfront Park @ 1200 Water St

Glenmore, Dilworth and Clifton Areas: 

– Begbie Park @ 1410 Union Rd
– Blair Pond Park @ 333 Clifton Rd S
– Brants Creek Linear Park @ Glenmore Valley
– Calmels Park @1059 Calmels Cres
– Cross Glen Park @ 207 Biggar Rd
– Eagle View Trail @ 2105 Glenmore Rd
– Dilworth Mountain Park and Trails @ 2100 Chilcotin Ct
– Hidden Lake Park @ 1188 Long Ridge Dr
– Jack Robertson Park @ 1655 Willow Cres
– Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery @ 1991 Bernard Ave
– Matera Glen Park @ 250 Glen Park Dr
– Mill Creek Linear Park @ Various Access Points
– Millard Glen Park @ 1840 Millard Court W
– Newport Glen Park @ 130 Applebrooke Cres
– North Glenmore Park @ 2150 Glenmore Rd N
– Redlich Park @ 1646 Gillard Dr
– Selkirk Park @ 2500 Selkirk Dr
– Still Pond Park @ 550 Still Pond Pl
– Sutton Glen Park @ 464 Sutton Cres
– Terrace Hill Park @ 180 Terrace Hill Pl
– Valley Glen Wetland @ 530 Valley Rd
– Whitman Glen Park @ 308 Whitman Rd
– Wyndham Park @ 131 Wyndham Crt

North Mission and Crawford Area: 

– Bellevue Creek Greenway @ 4918 Silver Stag Crt
– Belmont Park @ 4444 Belmont Rd
– Canyon Falls Park @ 1856 Canyon Falls Crt
– Crawford Multi-Use Court @ 4770 Stewart Rd W
– Dehart Park @ 687 Dehart Rd
– Mission Recreation Park @ 3975 Gordon Dr
– Mission Ridge Park @ End of Bullock Rd
– Ponds Community Park @ 1213 Frost Rd
– Surtees Property @ 4629 Lakeshore Rd
– Thomson Creek Linear Park @ 4105 Gordon Dr
– Wilson Creek Linear Creek @ 4186 Lakeshore Rd


– Ben Lee Park @ 900 Houghton Rd
– Chichester Wetland Park @ 250 Sumac Rd W
– Gerstmar Park @ 955 Gerstmar Rd
– Harris Park @ 280 Sumac Rd W
– Mission Creek Regional Park @ 2345 Springfield Rd
– Moraine Park @ 700 Moraine Crt
– Mugford Park @ 425 Stetson St
– Roxby Centennial Park @ 250 Hwy 33 W
– Rutland Bluff Linear Park @ 180 Froelich Rd
– Rutland Centennial Park @ 180 Rutland Rd
– Rutland Lions Park @ 205 Gray Rd
– Rutland Recreation Park @ 425 Hartman Rd

South Pandosy and KLO Area: 

– Fascieux Creek Park @ Richter St and Casorso Rd
– Mission Creek Greenway @ Lakeshore/Truswell to Ziprick Rd
– Wastewater Treatment Plant @ 951 Raymer Ave

South East Kelowna: 

– Fairhall Park @ 2448 Fairhall Rd
– Havard Rd Linear Park @ 4538 Gaspardone Rd
– KLO Creek Regional Park @3730 Field Rd
– Priest Creek Linear Park @ 315 Balldock Rd
– Scenic Canyon Regional Park @ 3801 Field Rd
– South Kelowna Centennial Park @ 4194 Spiers Rd
– Summerside Park @ 3858 Summerside Dr
– Tulameen Park @ 347 Quilchena Dr

South West Mission Area: 

– Cascia Linear Park @ 430 Cascia Dr
– Jewel Park @ 327 Providence Ave
– Main Street Park (Kettle Valley) @ 411 Providence Ave
– McCarren Park @ 347 McCarren Ave
– Mountainside Park @ 5437 Chute Lake Rd
– Powerline Linear Park @ 5056 Windsong Cres
– Providence Park @ 352 McCarren Ave
– Quarry Park @ 640 Southridge Dr
– Quilchena Park @ 347 Quilchena Dr
– Southwest Mission Powerline Park @ All Sections
– Southridge Open Space @ 5210 Southridge Dr
– Southridge Park @ 5045 Southridge Dr
– Winslow Park @ 5386 Winslow St

Quail and North End Areas: 

– Carney Park @ 1890 Capistrano Dr
– Ellison Centennial Park @ 4720 Old Vernon Rd
– Quail Ridge Linear Park @ 2985 Quail Cres


And there you have it! Over 5000 words later we’ve finally reached the end of the extensive list of dog friendly activities in Kelowna.

Did we miss any spots? Contact the team at Tail Waggers Kelowna to have your pup’s favorite spot added!


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