Dog Walking Services

Schedule A Meet N Greet

$20 – Up to 30 minute walk/run

(when 7 walks or more booked)

$25 – Up to 30 minute walk/run

(individual walk pricing)

What’s Included?

Did you know that taking walks improves mental and physical health for your dog? That’s right; your dog uses those walking sessions to exercise, socialize, and connect with nature. The reality, however, is that dog parents are getting busier and busier every day, and dogs are getting less and less time for walks.  So what happens when you have a busy schedule but still want your dog to take walks and exercise? You call us. Our job is to fill in for you and take your dog out for walks. With your pooch under our care, we will ensure that she gets the adequate amount of exercise for optimal physical and mental health. You will, in turn, come home to a happy and active dog every evening. Not so bad of an arrangement right?

Why is this service beneficial to your pet?

Dogs are pack animals and have not lost that trait even after 3,000 years of domestication. They need to explore their surroundings and socialize with other animals regularly. Every time your dog goes for a walk is a chance for them to sniff around and explore yjrir surroundings. She also gets the chance to exercise which is essential for a healthy dog.

If a dog stays indoors too long, you might notice them getting cranky and destroying furniture out of boredom. You do not want any claw marks on your couch now, do you? Depriving your pooch of the much-needed walks also makes them anti-social and even in some instances, they may start showing signs of hostility to visitors and other dogs.

According to statistics, 57% of dog parents admit to skipping dog walks each week. The reasons given vary from unfavorable weather to tight work schedules. This figure is worrying considering the benefits of walking a dog and the drawbacks of failing to walk a dog. Does skipping on a dog walk then mean that you have condemned your pooch to an entire day of loneliness? Not if we can help it.

Best in the Industry

Each dog under our care gets personalized treatment and care. We study your dog’s behavior to establish what they like and dislike. We then proceed to curate a schedule to walk and exercise your dog in an environment that he/she enjoys. Does your dog enjoy going to a dog park and playing with other dogs? Is your dog the reserved type that would rather keep to themselves and take in their surroundings without distractions from other dogs? Whatever your dog’s preferences are, we make the promise to honor them because your dog’s happiness and contentment comes first.

Take the first step to ensure your dog’s mental and physical health

A dog’s psychological and physical health is the core determinant of the dog’s happiness. Why let your dog fall into loneliness when you have us? Why burn yourself out trying to squeeze in a dog walking session in a tight work schedule when you have us? Why sacrifice your dog’s happiness when you have us? Take the first step to ensuring your dog’s mental and physical health by delegating your dog walking duty to us.

* Note: any pet sitters you are referred to have no affiliation with Tail Waggers.
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