Cat Sitting Services

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$25/visit – Includes feed, play, litter box cleanup

$50/Night – Overnight Stay includes feed, play, litter box cleanup and misc. house sitting tasks

Require long-term sitting of one week or longer? Rates from $30/night. Contact us for a quote!

What’s Included?

Oh, cats, so indifferent yet so adorable. Looking at your cat, you would be justified to think that the cat doesn’t love you as much as she should. Unlike the dog that will wait for you by the door when you come home from work, cats don’t seem bothered by your arrival. You might think that they do not miss you. Did you know that the indifference displayed by a cat is pretense? That’s right, according to recent study cats pretend not to care about you while in fact, they care about you a lot.

Another misconception is that cats don’t get lonely or bored since they always seem so calm and independent even when left alone. The truth, however, is that cats get lonely and bored. They should not be left alone without any mental stimulation. Now, this is where we come in. Your cat needs companionship when you are away. We offer that companionship by pet sitting your cat and ensuring that she gets fed and does not experience a moment of boredom.

Why is this service beneficial to your pet?

Loneliness takes a toll on any being. Whether a cat or a human being, loneliness causes emotional and at times even physical problems. Cats are sensitive animals, but they are very good at hiding their emotions. If you leave your cat alone for 24 hours, they may develop separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety has some unpleasant symptoms such as your cat urinating or defecating on your rug, bed or clothes. The cat might also develop depression which may cause the cat to stop grooming and become lethargic. Extended periods of depression can cause a cat to turn hostile to the owner resulting in injuries from bites or scratches. All these problems have a simple solution, making sure that your cat doesn’t get lonely or bored. How do you do that? You sign your cat up for our cat sitting program.

Best in the Industry

We strive to offer personalized treatment to every animal in our care, and your cat can get to enjoy this treatment too. We also understand that your cat is a valuable and adored member of your family, that’s why we will also treat your cute fur baby like our family too. At the end of the day, you will come home to a happy and playful cat.

Don’t let your cat fool you; They need companionship

Take charge of your cat’s mental health and reduce the damage to them and yourself. We understand that you are quite busy and it is impossible to spend every waking moment with your cat. That is why we are prepared to step in and keep your cat company, entertain them, and feed them on your behalf. When you come back, it will be like you never left. Your cat will be happy, you will be satisfied, and so shall we. It is a win-win for everyone.

* Note: any pet sitters you are referred to have no affiliation with Tail Waggers.