Dog Sitting & Dog Daycare Services

Schedule A Meet N Greet

$25 – 1 hour home visit (includes potty break, walk and feeding)

$50/night – overnight stay (includes potty breaks, evening walk and feed and Misc. House Sitting tasks as well as morning walk and feed)

Require long-term sitting of one week or longer? Rates from $30/night. Contact us for a quote!

**Holiday surcharge of 15% applies

What’s Included?

Your dog loves your company. Dog’s love spending time with their owners and don’t do well when left alone. You see, dogs are pack animals, and if there is anything that a pack animal hates, it’s loneliness. It is, however, not practical for you to spend all day every day with your dog. You have to go to work to afford suitable housing, good food, and quality health care for your furry friend. So, what do you do when you find yourself in this dilemma? Call Tail Waggers about the dog sitting & dog daycare services we provide!

We will pet sit your dog, and offer him/her the much-needed company and entertainment. Your dog does not have to be lonely anymore. Neither do you have to worry about your dog making a mess in the house when you are away. With our dog sitting services, your dog will be entertained all day long, and you will come home to a happy pooch.

Why is this service beneficial to your pet?

Dogs are social animals and can develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long. Your dog has an inherent need to socialize with other people and animals every day. We understand that you can’t be with your dog 24/7, but the last thing that you want on your hands is an anxious dog.

There are an estimated 89 million dogs in the US. Studies show that 20% of the 89 million dogs in the US suffer from separation anxiety. If you think about it, 20% of 89 million is quite a huge number of dogs. Is there really any need for your dog to be part of these statistics? We don’t think so.

Separation anxiety can cause some adverse behavioral problems with your pooch. The behavioral problems later progress into physical problems. Some physical problems include excessive salivation, increased potty accidents, excessive barking and whining, and destroying items in the house. With our dog sitting service, your dog does not have to suffer when you leave. In fact, the dog will remain entertained and distracted from your absence that it will be like you never left.

Best in the Industry

We are all about personalized care. We believe that each dog is different from the next. That’s why we always analyze your dog’s behavior, likes, and dislikes; so that we can determine how to effectively entertain and take care of your dog while in our daycare. We don’t just dog sit we interact and get to know your dog. We know that your dog is your family and when dog sitting, we want him/her to feel like he/she is among family.

Separation anxiety? Not with your pup!

You will no longer be in a dilemma when it comes leaving the house. With our dog sitting services, you can now leave your house and focus on your work. We assure you that your furry friend is in good hands. When you come home, you will be welcomed by a happy pooch. Who wouldn’t love to come home to a tail wagging happy pooch?

* Note: any pet sitters you are referred to have no affiliation with Tail Waggers.