Dog Grooming Services

$60-$100 – final price dependent on short/long haired dog and size

** PLEASE NOTE: Grooming services are inclusive of services provided by a third party. Tail Waggers Kelowna will coordinate the appointment on the owners behalf as well as provide transportation to the appointment and necessary potty breaks.

What’s Included?

Grooming your dog can be a tedious and time-consuming activity yet, it is necessary that your dog stays groomed. Furry dogs collect more debris in their fur making it more difficult to groom them. Add that to a busy schedule, and you will realize that you might not have the time to groom your pooch. Even if you do manage to get the time, you might find that you don’t groom your dog as often as you should. Now, what if you didn’t have to groom your dog at all but still came home to a well-groomed pooch? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is possible with our dog grooming package.

When it comes to dog grooming, we go the whole nine yards. We will ensure your pooch receives a soothing bath, brush their coat, brush her teeth to spackle, and trim their nails. You will no longer have to worry about your dog getting dirty while playing in the outdoors. Your dog will have all the fun they want, and our team will ensure they get cleaned up. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Why is this service beneficial to your pet?

Dogs are highly energetic animals, and every dog owner can attest to their dog’s love for playing and running around in the outdoors. Now, playing is not the problem here. Playtime is, in fact, crucial for your dog’s mental and physical health. Letting your dog run free in the backyard helps them to exercise and explore their surroundings. Playtime is, however, not all roses and butterflies because sometimes, your dog will often come back looking all dirty like a burrowing animal. You do not want your furry friend dragging gunk into your bed, do you? Absolutely not and hence the need to maintain a regular grooming schedule.

Failure to groom your dog regularly comes with a myriad of health issues. For example, overgrown nails throw off your dog’s stance and gait resulting in spinal problems. Poor oral hygiene can cause serious diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and pyorrhea which results in loss of teeth. These conditions are preventable with regular and thorough grooming.

Best in the Industry

We arrange grooming appointments for your dog(s) under the most gentle and friendly conditions. We know you value your furry friend, and so do we. We want you to have a clean and happy pooch while saving you on the time and hustle of grooming a dog. So go ahead, let your dog run wild. Let them get messy. Let them enjoy nature and exercise. When they are done having wild fun, we will swoop in and ensure they return to you a squeaky-clean pooch.

Grooming your dog doesn’t get any easier

We take the hustle out of dog grooming. You won’t have to worry about spending long hours untangling matted hair on your pooch. Neither will your dog suffer from spinal issues or oral diseases. We will handle the grooming appointment (including arranging transportation to and from), and you will handle the bonding. Free up your time so that you can spend it with your fur baby!