How To Stop Your Dog from Barking When Home Alone


Dogs are supposed to bark, right?


Continuous barking can be an indication of an underlying issue. The barking can escalate issues, especially if you do not reside in a detached home in the countryside, and they are becoming a nuisance to your neighbors. When a dog repeatedly barks with incessant yapping, it’s advisable to establish the reason behind it as soon as possible.


The following are some tips to curb the habit:

  • Get Rid of Separation Anxiety
  • Provide a Comfortable Place for them
  • Eliminate Boredom
  • Familiar Sounds
  • Citronella Collars

Get Rid of Separation Anxiety


Dogs are company pets and may get anxious if left alone and for the first time. Some dogs detest being separated from their owners even for a few minutes and will bark as much as they can to draw attention and communicate what they want. A dog with separation anxiety will bark with the slightest indication of being left and may not relent until they connect back with their owners.


Such dogs can, however, can undergo training though it takes much time and patience. You may also need to work closely with your dog and bond more to eliminate this anxiety when you are not in the vicinity.


Provide a Comfortable Place for them


Tired and uncomfortable dogs are more likely to be irritated and want to bark off these frustrations. While most people sleep with their dogs at night, they may not consider getting dog beds for day rests or when not available.


Dog beds are beneficial to the canine companions since they provide more comfort than the usual home furniture. They also make the dogs feel secure in their familiar grounds that are not shared with humans. The beds have washable covers besides protecting the furry pets from body injuries.


Eliminate Boredom


Dogs will want fun-filled interactions with their canine siblings and human beings. They will want to join us where we are and participate in our activities, and any trace of leaving them alone can frustrate them. This condition leads them to destructive behaviors such as whining, biting and trying to escape.


As a dog owner, it is wise to come up with ways of getting rid of the boredom like exercising the dog. Dog walking will leave a dog happy and with no extra energy to let out with barking. It would be wise to invest in durable toys that the dog can play with when alone, not to mention that the dog should always be kept clean and properly fed.


Familiar Sounds


Familiar sounds are the common ones that the dog associate with your presence, such as radio and television. When turned on, your dog may not realize that it is alone and thus will not feel lonely.


Citronella Collars


This is a mechanical method where citronella fitted dog collar. The collar sprays a burst of citronella whenever a dog barks. Citronella is a better substitute to shock back collars though it may not fit into tiny sized dogs. Some dogs sometimes learn to bark in frequencies that the collar cannot detect.


Keep in mind that a dog behaviorist will have to determine the cause of the barking to come up with the most effective solution.