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Dogs are inquisitors by nature. Dogs can get so much joy from all the sights and sounds and most of all, smells associated with a good walk. Dogs gather so much more information from their surroundings than their human bff’s. They put those noses to the ground and learn who, what and when were walking…..or peeing, or eating, etc. where and when. Dogs and other animal companions can get bored just like us humans. As lazy as we can all get from day to hum-drum day, taking a walk can be an energizing exercise and a good escape from the mundane butt licking, ear scratching and boredom of the dog days of…..well…..any season.

If you are like me and you like to make your dog happy, taking him for walks is a great bonding experience that should gain you King Master in the eyes of your best buddy. Make sure you let your dog linger and sniff a bit in appropriate places so he can enjoy the full effects of a fun-filled stroll. If you cannot walk your dog due to your neighborhood or a disability, dog parks are a great option/alternative for dogs that have energy to blow off and are good with other dogs and strangers. If you bring your puppy to a dog park regularly and introduce him to other people, pets and places, he should quickly learn to love every outing. You can even teach your dog to fetch his own leash. That way your dog can learn to tell you when he wants to go out. As long as walking your dog is not a lot of trouble due to personal problems; maybe your dog is aggressive, hard to handle, nervous or scared due to a trauma, etc.

I recommend every dog be able to walk around outdoors either in a safe yard or on a leash at least once a day. Dogs that do not get enough exercise and human interaction are at risk of becoming depressed, timid or both, at the least. No one wants to be scared of the world and stuck indoors all hours of the day. Dogs love smelling stuff, chasing squirrels, making friends, playing ball, discovering new places. They are a lot like toddlers for life. A big part of having a toddler is keeping them occupied. Some dogs that seem hopelessly destructive are cured of their bad habits simply by taking a stroll around the block a couple times a day. A big meal, a long walk and a sleepy, happy puppy. Fundamentally, all mammals, including dogs and humans, want for the same things. Think of all the reasons you would enjoy going on walks. The odds are your dog enjoys going on walks for many of the same reasons as you and me.

Dogs are man-made, but their ancient instincts to explore their surroundings still runs deep in many, more so in some breeds than others. Most dogs, if walked regularly, enjoy going on walks or being released somewhere safe to explore and appreciate at least one walk a day as long as the weather is permitting. When taking your pet on a walk, never forget water and always keep the weather and your dog’s breed and coat in mind so as to keep them comfortable and safe from anything from frostbite (my Chihuahua has a hoody and booties) to overheating (We shave our Great Pyrenees in the Summer). If you haven’t been big on walking your dog, I suggest you give it a try and possibly make it part of your daily routine if you and your canine BFF are up to it.

You might find you love it as much as your pooch does. Best of all! Statistically, dogs that go on regular walks live years longer than dogs with a strictly sedentary lifestyle. So get out those leashes, people!



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